Korean Portal NAVER ranked Top 5 in the world

Korean Search Engine/Portal Naver was ranked as the top worldwide search property with 2 billion searches in August.
According to Comscore.com , Google Sites ranked as
the top worldwide search property in August with 37.1 billion searches conducted.
U.S. based Yahoo came in second with 8.5 billion searches,
followed by China's Baidu with 3.2 billion. Microsoft's MSN trailed Baidu
by around a billion searches.

Comscore says "Seeing Asian search engines like China's Baidu.com and Korea's NHN ranked alongside Google and Yahoo underscores the fact that search has become a truly global phenomenon.The continued development of search in international markets will undoubtedly present compelling opportunities for savvy marketers on a global scale.”

Note)NAVER is Top 5 ? In small country !
Of course, Korea has the most activated internet users.
Naver has a kind of portal like Yahoo serving various contents.
Furthermore, Naver's inland search share is heading for 80%.
So, search engine marketing for Korean market should be aimed for Naver first.

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