Main Directories and Search Engines for site registration

1. http://www.naver.com/ (Free from Oct.06,'07)
2. http://www.daum.net/ (KRW198,000/USD213)
3. http://www.nate.com/ (KRW198,000/USD213)
4. http://www.yahoo.co.kr/ (KRW198,000/USD213)
5. http://www.google.co.kr/
6. http://www.empas.com/ (KRW198,000/USD213)
7. http://kr.msn.com/
8. http://www.paran.com/ (KRW165,000/USD177)
9. http://dreamwiz.com/ (KRW198,000/USD213)
==Dated Oct.22,2007,Korea ==


Daum.net : At a glance

Daum.net is the 2nd largiest portal site in Korea.
They use Google Search Engine D/B at web search.
Currently, they strengthen UCC and Blog services.
Teir strong merit is on forum(cafe) and E-mail service.


NAVER.com: At a glance

Naver.com is the No.1 portal sharing 70% over in Korea.

The above is a main page of Naver.

Click image. You can see largely.


Search engine(Portal) market share in Korea

As you may know, the market share in Korea is big different with overseas situation.
According to the wrecent reposrt from www.acecounter.com, the share is as follows,
Note: The share mean "SE to site" from Acecounter customers.
www.naver.com: 71.1%
www.daum.net: 12.1%
www.yahoo.co.kr: 5.92%
www.empas.com(+ www.nate.com): 3.16%
www.googl.co.kr: 1.95%
### Naver ↓, Daum ↑, Yahoo ↓, Empas →, Google ↑

The above search engines except for Google are manageing integrated search including
Ad.,News, Knowledge in, Cafe, Blog, Site, Web search, etc.
So, though the Google is steadily increasing share, the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) in Korea needs more SEO techniques.
Of course, the SEO techniques for Google, Yahoo, MSN are valid.


Introduction of www.SEOinKorea.com

Hi ! Overseas friends !
Welcome to visit SEOinKorea.com.
This is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) community site for domestic SEO and overseas SEO.
Korean SEO is so different with yours.
As you may know, http://www.naver.com/ has over 70% share.The next engines are http://www.daum.net/ , http://www.nate.com/ , http://www.empas.com/ ,http://www.yahoo.co.kr/ , etc.
Google has only under 3% share.
Huh !However, NAVER is a kind of portal though they operate web search robot.
So, in Korea, it needs more complicated methods in SEO and SEM.
To meet this circumstances, our site have the following contents.
-.SEO Information
-.Search Engine News
-.SEO Tools
-.SEO Tactics each search engine
-.Free/paid AD info.
-.Free site review
-.Blog Marketing
-.EtcThis community is well organized with SEO/SEM experts,webmasters,web designers,commercial/non-commercial site owners, etc.
At here, we can/you can...-.SEO consulting.
-.Q&A in SEO/SEM field.
-.Introduction of SEO Experts for SEO(Even overseas SEO).
-.Introduction of SEM Experts for Korean market.
-.Site translation with Korean letters.
-.Act site registration for you.
-.Affiliation with SEO/SEM concerned sites or companies.
-.Etc.Welcome to visit again and look forward to having your comments at here, ENGLISH bulletin.
Best regards,