Search engine(Portal) market share in Korea

As you may know, the market share in Korea is big different with overseas situation.
According to the wrecent reposrt from www.acecounter.com, the share is as follows,
Note: The share mean "SE to site" from Acecounter customers.
www.naver.com: 71.1%
www.daum.net: 12.1%
www.yahoo.co.kr: 5.92%
www.empas.com(+ www.nate.com): 3.16%
www.googl.co.kr: 1.95%
### Naver ↓, Daum ↑, Yahoo ↓, Empas →, Google ↑

The above search engines except for Google are manageing integrated search including
Ad.,News, Knowledge in, Cafe, Blog, Site, Web search, etc.
So, though the Google is steadily increasing share, the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) in Korea needs more SEO techniques.
Of course, the SEO techniques for Google, Yahoo, MSN are valid.

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