New SERP layout of Google Korea

Recently, Google Korea set up their SERP(Search Engine Result Page) layout.
This is different with other countries' Google SERPs.
The layout is similar with Korean portals' SERPs of www.naver.com or www.daum.net .
Namely, the SERP was categorized as below picture.
You can check with http://www.google.co.kr/search?complete=1&hl=ko&q=%EB%82%98%EC%9D%B4%ED%82%A4&lr=&aq=f

Google has poor search share with below 5% in Korea.
And, they are sweating their blood to get more shares in Korea.
However, the above attempt may involve some lisks, I think.
With the similar layout, they can not index somestic contents fully, especially from Naver.
Naver is a dinosaur of Korean portal and closes their most contents with robots.txt file.
Moreover, some categories such as blog seems low grade SE algorithm comparing web category.
Namely, these will invite hurt for their excellent SE algorithm indexing relevant contents.

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